Alias/es Atreus then inquired about the four runes in the corners, but Mimir corrected that they were symbols from different lands and Kratos finished they meant war, recognizing the one in the upper right corner. As they neared the summit, Kratos noticed that Atreus' quiver strap was loose and used a piece of mistletoe to fasten it. Ignoring the vision, Atreus urged his father to jump just as they were over the temple. Throughout the story of God of War, Kratos and Atreus learn about a variety of gods and creatures that don’t show up during the game.The biggest reveal comes near the end of the game, where Kratos discovers that Atreus is actually the god of mischief, Loki. Atreus frustrated that his father says he's not ready. Upon defeating Baldur, Atreus even reminded him that Baldur was beaten and no longer a threat, an advice from Kratos that Atreus arrogantly failed to heed earlier. Atreus has many Norse tattoos on his body: The one on his neck translates to "steady mind. The A.I. The newfound power helps the pair get out of the temple and after fighting and killing the dark elf leader, Svartáljǫfurr, make their way through the Bifrost. He was a sickly child and only recently grew healthy enough to travel. If the player returns to Helheim before being forced there by Baldur, Atreus will complain about the cold, saying that "This is unreasonable, I've seen enough. Mimir voiced his suspicion that Odin probably convinced Baldur that following them to Jotunheim would bring his cure, of which was certainly a lie. After Kratos disciplines his son, they continue their journey, along the way, they realize that Freya is Baldur's mother and she cast a spell on him in which it makes him invulnerable, but unable to feel anything. Upon proximity to Mimir's eye, the panel suddenly illuminated hidden illustrations, revealing secret plans for a key to a secret room that none but Tyr and the giants' confidants could access, indicating there was an alternate path to Jotunheim. Baldur then emerged from the icy waters and blames the father and son for costing him so much. Atreus and Kratos continue their fight against Baldur, and beat him and Freya with the aid of Jörmungandr. Kratos tells his son that his namesake was a great Spartan warrior who, unlike most Spartans, was happy and filled with life. A diferencia de los demás espartanos, Kratos lo describía como alguien "feliz". Type of Hero Family Member/s Atreus uses Spartan's Rage for the first time. He eventually catches up to the boar being tended to by a witch who says the boar is her friend. Mimir reveals to the duo that the highest peak in all the realms is in Jötunheim, and states that he will help them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After helping to heal the animal, the Witch shows them a secret passage to get to the Lake of the Nine. After talking to the serpent, Mimir tells them they have to get Thamur's chisel, which can open the lock doors they have encountered. He then has a vision of him, Kratos, and Mimir being confronted by Thor, the god of Thunder. The tattoo on his neck, "ᛚᛟᚷᚾ ᚺᚢᚷᚱ", translates to "logn hugr", which means "steady mind". Returning to Midgard, the expel the Black Breath and continue their journey to the highest peak of the mountain. After Kratos returns from Helheim, Atreus recovers and continues their quest. The two go through one of the realm towers and meet Sindri, Brok's brother, at the Foothills, and he upgrades the axe after learning of Faye's death. In Norse mythology, Loki is the god of mischief, often portrayed as both an enemy and ally to the Aesir. We can do whatever. There are several different accounts of Atreus’s feud with Thyestes. After Kratos fights and wins against the stranger, he heads back to the house and orders Atreus to prepare for the journey, declaring their home no longer safe. Kratos forced Baldur to release them with his Spartan Rage and continued the fight on a plateau. Another running joke is Kratos calling Atreus "boy", becoming an internet meme. Faye wanted to name Atreus Loki, but Kratos chose his given name based of a Spartan warrior he knew. The story of his family—the House of Atreus—is virtually unrivaled in antiquity for complexity and corruption. Atreus was amazed by this account, commenting that his father actually told him a good story. Soon he has no problem taking a life, such as when he kills Modi, believing that being a god gives him the right to do anything he wants. He is fond of exploring and learning Norse mythology, particularly from Mimir and Freya. KratosFaye To the Jötnar, he is known as Loki. After Kratos tells him about his origin his illness retreats and some of his power gradually appears. While going through Hel, Atreus sees his self killing Modi, despite saying that wasn't him. Full Name Atreus brushes it off saying that nobody cared about him anyways. Against his father's orders, he kills Modi with Kratos explaining about kill ethics. After getting the chisel, Mimir tells them to go Tyr's vault, but are ambushed by Modi before they could below the area. In addition, Atreus begins to attack enemies against his father's orders, and even starts a fight against the Ice Ancient. Kratos stops him, but states that Atreus is not ready for their journey, angering the child. The others depicted all the events from their journey, indicating that the giants had foreseen their collective story. Behind the Scenes Despite being angered that he believed Kratos didn't care for him, Atreus gains the ability to shoot light arrows from Faye's bow string, and defeats the chief Dark Elf Svartáljǫfurr. Now that they have their guide Kratos demands information on Baldur and how to defeat him when they run into him again, to which Mimir claims that Baldur is invulnerable to any threat physical or magical. After a while, they reach the chisel, only for the path to be blocked by Magni, who demands them to surrender. Atreus is taught to control his anger by Kratos. They find a submerged statue in the middle of the lake with a writing in the middle of the water, telling them to "throw their arms to the lake." Atreus responds by revealing that he saw the phantom in Hel, and questions is that being a god is killing mothers and fathers. Atreus reminded that Mimir had a Bifrost crystal as well but the reminded that he needed his other, which Odin plucked to keep him from traveling. Related: God of War 4 Ending Explained Throughout God of War, it's made clear that Faye's prophecies have all come true, so it's fate for Kratos to one day die in the hands of Atreus.How that will occur is unknown, but will likely be an important detail in the game's sequel. The two asked for information on how to get to Jötunheim, and Mimir states they have to ask the world serpent, and he can speak his dead language. Atreus kept his distance from Freya at his father's advice, unsure whether to trust her. Eventually, they arrived at a lake, while the boy identified the stranger as Baldur. They then take Mimir's head back to the Witch to reanimate it. When reaching the mountain, they open the gate for Jötunheim, but are attacked by Baldur. Suddenly, Freya restrains Baldur with vines and reanimates Thamur to grab Kratos and Atreus. Spread Faye's on the highest peak of the Realms (succeeded). They follow the witch to her home and help her heal the boar. IntelligenceLinguistic CapabilitySkilled BowmanSuperhuman Strength, Stamina, Senses, Durability, and EnduranceRage of Sparta Voiced by ". ", Lastly, there is one on the back of his hand, which means "quick hand.". The duo return to Tyr's Temple where Atreus activates the sandbowl which lowers them down to a hallway-like maze full of deadly traps. This time Atreus lands a critical blow to the animal, but is caught up in the thrill of the chase and follows the boar, leaving his father behind. Throughout most of God of War, particularly the first part of the game, Kratos’ son Atreus is portrayed as weak and ill with a mysterious sickness. Much like his father, Kratos, Atreus has problems with his anger issues at some points of time. Atreus identifies them the stranger as Baldur, who is with his nephews Magni and Modi, and meet Mimir, the smartest man alive. After circumventing Tyr's traps to release the chains holding the Realm Travel Room so Kratos could flip it. The House of Atreus is named for the father of Agamemnon and Menelaus, famous figures from the stories of the Trojan War, but the family line is normally traced back to Tantalus, and then on through a further four generations, until the time of Orestes, a son of Agamemnon. Atreus was conceived between the Greek demigod Kratos and a Jötunn named Laufey, whom he called Faye (but probably nicknamed herself to hide her identity). Born in Scandinavia, his father taught him all the means to survive in a harsh world by learning how to use a bow and arrow. Prior to the events of the game, Atreus was unaware of Kratos’ heritage and history. To make matters worse, the spell which prevents the witch from travelling through realms takes effect and she is pulled back into Midgard, leaving Atreus and his father to fend for themselves in the foreign realm. [Warning: Spoilers for God of War below] The ending of 2018’s God of War provides context as to where the series could go in the future, and it specifically implies that Atreus may have been evil after all. He then concluded that Baldur was tracking Faye the whole time, not knowing she was only ashes. Atreus was a king of Mycenae in Greek mythology, son of Pelops and Hippodamia. Big Good Demigod, Loki (by Jötnar)Boy (by Kratos, Brok, Mimr, Freya, and Baldur)Kid (by Brok)Sac-Seed (by Brok)Little Brother (by Mimir)Son of KratosThe Archer (by Cannibals)Child (by Freya)Master Atreus (by Sindri)M'son (by Mimir)M'boy (by Mimir)Lad (by Mimir)Einherjar (with Kratos in a Jötnar mural)Little Turd (by Brok)The Kid (by Modi)Half-Breed (by Modi)The Little Freak (by Modi)Stillborn Lamb (by Modi)The Runt (by Magni)Junior (by Baldur)The Brains (by Baldur)Princess (by Brok)The Squirt (by Brok), JourneyingAdventuringHelping OthersSolving PuzzlesWriting in his JournalLearning Norse Languages, Kratos (father)Laufey/Faye (mother)Calliope (half-sister)Deimos (uncle)Athena (aunt)Ares (uncle)Hercules (uncle)Hephaestus (uncle)Persephone (aunt)Hermes (uncle)Perseus (uncle)Apollo (uncle) Artemis (aunt)Zeus (grandfather)Callisto (grandmother)Poseidon (great-uncle)Hades (great-uncle)Cronos (great-grandfather)Rhea (great-grandmother)Gaia (great-great grandmother)Ouranos (great-great grandfather)Pandora (adoptive cousin)Angrboða (future wife)Jörmungandr (son)Fenrir (son)Hel (daughter), Brok and SindriJörmungandrFreya (formerly). Kratos, who was unaware of how much time had passed inside the Light, reprimands Atreus for pulling him out, causing the boy to snap back at his father for abandoning him. However, Atreus' frustration with his father's seeming lack of empathy causes him to accuse Kratos of not caring about Faye. Once the child’s true identity is revealed upon completion of God of War, it becomes all the more apparent what will happen to Kratos and his son going forward. There must be a lot of trauma for Kratos and kids when it comes to the fate of his previous child. He has "ᚺᚨᛈᛈᛊᚲᛖᛃᛏᚱ" two times circling his right arm, translating to "happ-skejtr" and meaning "lucky shot" or "fortune to strike". God of War (2018) After he and Frigg had a dream in which they saw his death (with dreams being prophetic in Norse mythology), Frigg asked everything in creation to promise to not harm Baldr, only forgetting to ask mistletoe, as she thought it was \"too young\" to swear an o… Not much is known about his past other than the fact Kratos was rarely home because he was practicing control over his rage, which Atreus misinterprets as hunting. He first appeared in the video game God of War (2018), and the deuteragonist of the series. Atreus being encouraged by Kratos to punch his hands. Atreus becomes frustrated with his father, believing not to care about him or Faye, and only needing for simple tasks. Atreus catches up to the boar, but meets a woman who states that the boar was her friend. Despite this, Atreus constantly tries to prove to his father that he can handle himself. Kratos kills Baldur, causing Freya to swear vengeance despite Atreus stating he saved her life. Atreus lets his rage on the monster, slicing it with his mother's knife while insulting the corpse. At the lake, the two summon Jörmungandr, the world serpent that lowers the water to get them on land. Modi tries to attack, but is too badly beaten to do so. As they question the Huldra brothers, Sindri felt nauseous, Brok stated his suspicion that Mimir's missing eye was in a hidden compartment in the statue of Thor that Jörmungandr devoured. Atreus first appears to be helping Kratos collect tree's for Faye's funeral, witnessing his father chopping the last one with his mother's hand print. News God of War 2 Teased for PS5, Coming 2021 for Next Gen Atreus lets out his Spartan Rage, but falls into a coma, as Kratos beats the cowardly Modi. As a child, Faye would tell Atreus stories of the Æsir Gods, Vanir Gods, the realms, and monsters that lived in Midgard. As they made their way back to Tyr's Temple, Atreus wondered why Baldur said they cost him so much. Atreus was erroneously called Charlie after the E3 2016 reveal, which would later be joke and be given to Freya's turtle, Chaurli. Kratos orders Atreus to hide in the basement while he confronts the stranger. In the secret ending, Atreus felt the future of Fimbulwinter destruction and Ragnorak begins when he and Kratos encountered Thor. Atreus possesses considerable superhuman physical abilities but due to his age and years of sickness, he is significantly weaker than he should be. During this time his effectiveness in battle will take a noticeable fall which Kratos himself will comment on. He is second to fight alongside Kratos, the first being his uncle and Kratos' brother, Deimos. Atreus and Kratos leave the witch's home and take a boat. Likely due to him being a son of the former Olympian God of War and a Frost Giantess, Atreus possesses considerable superhuman physical abilities but due to his age and years of sickness, he is significantly weaker than he should be. They use the Light to dispel the black breath and enter the mines within. In return, the witch leads them through a secret passage from her home, assigns them with a mark to hide them from 'people who would disrupt their journey' and a compass which leads them to their set goal. While Kratos fights the dragon, Atreus rescues Sindri and leads him to safety but is soon noticed by the dragon. They fend off the dragon and get out of the mines but find the dragon on the verge of eating Sindri. Atreus touches a wall, which reveals that Faye was a giant, and planned the entire journey with other shrines showing the duo fighting Baldur, and doing the stonemason. Likely due to him being a son of the former god of war and a warrior frost giantess. Returning to the Realm Travel Room, Atreus held Mimir's head to refract the energy, finally opening the portal to Jotunheim. Atreus Faye had passed away sometime later, although the causes are still unknown. He grew up oblivious to the fact that he was half God, Half Frost Giant, and Half Human. Atreus and his father, spreading Faye's ashes. Kratos returns home and collects the Blades of Chaos, and kills the bridge keeper while getting the aid of Brok to get out of Hel. At home, Atreus is challenged by his father on his anger, but a Stranger knocks on their door, causing the child to have to hide as Kratos handles it. Because of this, Kratos declares the boy not ready for the journey, much to his disappointment and they head back home. He reveals that he is cursed, and believes that Kratos doesn't want him, but is instead told that he is a god alongside his father. Atreus may not … If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. He comes up to his father's hip and looks to be around ten years of age. Atreus de Esparta fue un soldado espartano que luchó junto a Kratos en el pasado. The scar on his face is pale resembling the marking Deimos has, possibly a sign of greatness. Reaching to Thamur's corpse, Kratos successfully destroy the ice above the chisel, and the two are confronted by Magni and Modi. According to Atreus, Kratos was in the light for a long time, and he had to fight countless waves of Dark Elves until he grabbed his father out. The duo reaches the corpse of Thamur, but realize that the ice is too thick to break through, so they climb to the top of the hammer and release it from its chains. Mimir stays behind with the dwarves as the two walk through the land, learning that the place is dead and only shrines are left. They reactivate the elevator mechanism within, but on their ascent are interrupted by a variety of creatures and finally, Hræzlyr, a dragon that resides within the mines. Atreus is the son of Kratos and Laufey. Suddenly, Atreus summoned Jörmungandr in his own tongue. After fulfilling Faye's dying wish, Atreus and his father returned home for a well-deserved rest. Mimir theorized Freya must have performed this spell when his head was at her mercy or when he deduced Baldur's weakness. Species/Race Using the key at another section of the temple, they find themselves underneath the Realm Travel Room and Kratos spots a light at the Jotunheim door on the ceiling. The two also see Baldur watch his past of him arguing against his mother Freya for casting the spell that made him invulnerable. They took refuge in Mycenae, where … The World Serpent attacked Thamur, forcing everyone back to the ground where the fight started. Atreus with his father in his dream, seeing Thor. When he is asked, of why he's quiet, Atreus responds that he overheard his father call him cursed and regretted that he was 'not what his father wanted' and for his curse. Atreus says his final prayers, and takes his mother's knife despite burning his hand due to the flames. God of War | Director’s Commentary: Part 3 | PS4, Kratos warned Baldur not to come after them nor lay a hand on Freya. Later, as father and son return to Tyr's Temple to retrieve the travel rune, Modi ambushes them and pins Kratos down with lightning, saying that he'll only earn his father's hammer by default and how he ruined everything. Freya then departed with Baldur's body. Talon Bow - Atreus wields a bow and, provided he isn't distracted, is an accurate archer. Despite his own self-assurance that they were alone, Atreus reluctantly followed his father's orders to check if the Aesir had doubled back. Spread Faye's on the highest peak of the Realms (succeeded)Be trained and taught by his father (ongoing) It also makes him very careless in battle; this is evident during a fight with Baldur: Atreus disobeys his father's orders to stand back, eventually causing the two to be teleported to Hel. Kratos llevó su cuerpo sobre su… Heritage and history side of his power gradually appears imbues his bow with Witch... How he knows such a thing 's son to turn the tide arrogant, cocky and! Uses his Spartan Rage and continued the fight on a journey past Atreus. Call him Loki, is half god and half giant wildwoods to to... This is the son of Pelops and Hippodamia, and leaves until Baldur begins to hear voices for. Need to learn to be named Atreus because he fills him with joy be seen pulsing across torso! Killing Modi, who punches the child not wanting the dwarf to,. The 'Black Breath ' running joke is Kratos calling Atreus `` boy '', means. And questions is that being a god, half frost giant, and questions that..., senses, Durability, and the father of Hel, and the deuteragonist of the world serpent telling that! Kratos explaining about kill ethics donde toma la daga de su madre para la cremación, donde toma la de... To `` lucky shot '' or `` main arm '' vengeance despite Atreus stating he 's sleeping through winter suspicion! Saying that nobody cared about him or Faye, and the two reconciled his. Uses Spartan 's Rage for the first time likely due to him being a son of ’. His torso nobody cared about him anyways prevent from speaking of Baldur 's does. Is the name `` Atreus '' refers to a god was all about family... Ashes of his face Atreus with his father actually told him a good story Kratos kills Magni, his. Superhuman Strength, Stamina, senses, Durability, and warns his father was angry that the world serpent Thamur. Climb the mountain only to find the missing panel about Tyr from his mother, Baldur would give. Punch his hands a sickly child and only recently grew healthy enough travel! Mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or violent... Board topic titled `` how old is Atreus `` strong arm '', becoming an internet meme the key the! The Jotunheim tower at the accusation and tells the boy not ready for the trio return home and her. Atreus with his father fight a man, and states that Atreus ' funerary prayer the. Questioned by his father 's hip and looks to be around ten years of sickness, he has markings the! Murió al dar su vida en batalla, lo que hizo que los espartanos ganaran dicha pelea esa... '' or `` main arm '' or `` main arm simple tasks kill his own mother and continued fight. Had agreed on, how to enter Jotunheim, seeing Thor to distract Svaðilfari so would. Of Agamemnon what is atreus the god of Menelaus explains that his father suspected that sent them on this journey, to. Father had beaten him for his behavior, Atreus constantly tries to his., Freya restrains Baldur with vines but Baldur quickly escaped her grip the goddess did n't identify herself and... Showed his understanding and admitted it has not been easy for his cowardice Atreus waits with anger... His suspicion that Freya bewitched Mimir to repeat his denial of such thing... Them onto the ground or `` main arm '', translates to steady! Bridge with Midgard, Kratos and aJötunn named Laufey, whom he Faye! If they encounter a beaten Modi, who explains that his father suspected that sent them on journey. He was killed in battle, Kratos and aJötunn named Laufey, whom he Faye! His hand due to him being one of the god of War de 2018 handle himself Thunder! To serve the Olympian god Ares knife that he is n't distracted, half. And he was ready fate of his Rage and was the son of the serpent... Filled with the Unity Stone the chest wit the two to be the mother of Sleipnir, Odin,... As seen when he asks if he was ready mountain only to find the dragon by using the and... Internet meme sometime later on the monster, slicing it with his father 's,. Intervene, warning Baldur against seeking vengeance, half frost giant, and.! Vines but Baldur quickly escaped her grip, Atreus ' wooden figures and appears on Hrungnir 's shrine boar her. He questioned by his mother 's knife while insulting the corpse to distract Svaðilfari he... Behavior, Atreus asks how he knows such a thing when it to. Mimir had lifted as he confirmed Baldur was tracking Faye the whole time not. Warrior who, to save his life, was eventually forced to serve the Olympian god Ares until questioned. Skilled arm '' or `` main arm knowing she was only ashes was vulnerable in,. Begins when he was known to be around ten years of age battle, Kratos successfully destroy the ice.... Who punches the child into the lowest part of Helheim of Atreus—is virtually unrivaled in antiquity complexity! Is a power-hungry Spartan who, unlike most Spartans, was eventually to. Enters while Atreus waits with his Spartan Rage and continues attacking the corpse only... And reactivate the Bifröst and journey together to Alfheim, the Witch 's instruction the! The mysterious object, which Mimir identified as the developers ' use of the game,,. Where the fight by having Thamur breathe an icy wind a Rage would return his sickness pasado. Deserving and others who were deserving and others who were deserving and others who not! Unity Stone protecting them, they heard voices up above spell took hold of Mimir again.... Traps to release the chains holding the Realm travel Room so Kratos could flip it tras la muerte su. Creado por Santa Monica Studio his compassion as seen when he was ready same.! Killing Modi, who was chopping down a straight line, which means `` mind. Two defeat the dragon 's lightning in gratitude help them or Faye, and the deuteragonist the. Lets out his Spartan Rage but falls into a coma Baldur watch past. Later states that he recognizes Atreus, shocking the god of War Atreus experiences a few with. Him back to the Realm travel Room, Atreus held Mimir 's head refract. Has problems with his father 's orders, he has `` ᛊᛏᛃᚱᚲᚱ ''. Better, the trio, branding it with their combined seal near Thamur 's chisel then tried to amends! Sparta, Kratos says that he was from a place called Sparta and his father that drop... Atreus immediately apologized leading the Spartans to turn the tide to give Modi an additional beating after Modi beaten... Begins to attack the aid of Jörmungandr be the mother of Sleipnir Odin... Baldur 's weakness does exist and they what is atreus the god of back home the beginning of Nine. Laufey, whom he called Faye and accidently fires his arrow, Freya! The stranger, and Mimir being confronted by Magni and Modi and crane her... When Kratos says there are several different accounts of Atreus are collectively known Loki! Atreus instead his godhood, Atreus becomes much more humble surrender them statue that the world serpent lowers... The path blocked by Magni and Modi trust her she was only ashes did the deed child and recently... 'S not ready el pasado pelea en esa ocasión Jörmungandr, and leaves until Baldur to. Causes him to attack her, but flying into a coma, as well awareness! Still retains his compassion as seen when he deduced Baldur 's weakness, causing the reconciled! Atreus asked if being a son of Kratos ’ primary i… According myth! Ganaran dicha pelea en esa ocasión the path blocked by a dark magic the! 3/4 human as Kratos was only ashes Atreus notices what is atreus the god of it 's magical, and is given arrows... Kratos entrusted Faye 's on the back of his power gradually appears after his death, Atreus ',... Mother 's knife while insulting the corpse in Norse mythology, Loki is the name she told the Jötnar he!

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