If you don't have those, Thundaga is a good Elem-Def choice as well. Move forward to be thrown into a fight against an officer and two soldiers. Just how long is the cooldown for this? I would suggest you work on unlocking the following: If you have a spare Strength Love, you can speed the process up a little. Most importantly, you should draw the GF Alexander from her which, as usual, gives you the associated trophy. Have Squall climb up the ladder, check the control panel, use the ladder to go back to your party. Fujin isn't so important, because she drops the Megalixir that you'd mug from her. Junctioning & Best Magic to Junction - FF8 Guide The main system that increases a character's potential in Final Fantasy 8 is the Junction system. Return to Balamb Garden and sail back to Fisherman's Horizon. Don't actually play him since some disgusting Centra Rules are in force, just ask him to move and then ask him to move again. Nothing too exciting. There's nothing else to do here so return to the Main Hall and continue to the Library. Explore the village for goodies, then return to the garden. He will ask you to return a message to the maintenance guys you spoke to earlier. The old man here serves as a Junk Shop, allowing you to remodel your weapons. Drizznaut Oct 12, 2017 @ 10:04pm It should also be noted that Having a party member with a high compatibility … Drive Selphie's party to the Missile Base in the southwest. Afterwards, junction more powerful magic to your Str stat. Talk to Cid twice and agree to see what's going on outside. If he's not there, move a screen and come back. Make landfall when you get to a beach (this is the place you may have come to if you ground out AP against Cactuars earlier). However, they're also extremely vulnerable to fire and are subject to Sleep. Leave your cell and you'll be on floor 7. It is only necessary to do a small part of the Chocobo Forest quest for the trophy. You should be able to see Balamb Garden when you get to the right place and "Cactuar Island" in the menu. Since the hotel is unavailable, you can go upstairs to Zell's room where you can rest and use the save point. Neither cell on floor 6 is accessible but you can save your game. If you like, you can unlock the door immediately to the right for a short cut to the save point. Note to game developers: if you're going to call somewhere "Forest of Fun" make sure that what you're doing there is actually fun! Disc 2 starts off with another Laguna sequence. Joe Hammer Gaming 38,819 views Talk to Kadowaki on the bridge, then leave again to the left. You can refine this into Antidotes and then into Bio which you can apply to Elem-Atk if you like. Now go south. Take her into the Parking Lot followed by the Cafeteria. When it falls apart, a Chicobo will emerge and run out of the house. You will then be up against Edea. As for which abilities to learn, Tonberry is the second key to making infinite money so you will want to get the abilities that allow you to intimidate shopkeepers first followed by the extremely useful Initiative: While you're here, you can also obtain Odin but I would advise against it now. Go inside the domed structure and look to the left for three Shumi standing in front of a draw point. Prepare your junctions for an upcoming boss battle - you want Water on your Elem-Atk and you should equip Mug as well. After the scene, you'll meet up with Kiros. All rights reserved. Stuff will happen and Balamb Garden will start to take off. Continue down past a Drain draw point and then go down another two screens until Laguna announces that they've completed their patrol. This will enable you to come and go as you please from the Bridge. Xu will ask after Cid and then direct you to the 2nd Floor Balcony. Quistis's Micro Missiles Limit Break is even better and can easily hit the damage limit. Go right one screen and up the stairs where you can save your game. Make your way to the Training Center. Walk away and the armour will start moving by itself. Go through the doors, select a party and save your game. You should try to ensure you mug him for 2 x Str Up. Return to the Main Hall and start making your way clockwise around the areas. When you assign an instrument, you need to talk to each party member afterwards to confirm. go down and move forward for a brief scene. When you (finally!) Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough part 1; 100% guide to reaching GOD MODE in final fantasy VIII - Duration: 4:28:44. 100 Curaga's are … There are also random encounters so you may want to enable Enc-None. Set a time limit then run outside. Place Berserk in your ST-Def if you can and ensure that one of your characters has Mug. You'll find this two screens to the left. Finally, go to the Elder's house and speak to him to receive your final reward, a Status Guard which you can use to teach one of your GFs ST-Def-Jx4. After this, it's just a matter of keeping on top of your healing. When you enter the town, your way in will be blocked by a Galbadian soldier but you can get past him with subterfuge. Upon entering Galbadia Garden, walk right from the save point and up the stairs, then go left from there to find the first card key. After the scene, talk to Raine and go back to Laguna's room. Now you just have to find your way back to Balamb Garden which is somewhat frustrating. Go right one screen and talk to the rather gloomy man sitting down. I suggest you junction mid-level magic to Str and add Card to your command abilities. You have to choose which instruments to assign to people. You may also want to junction Aero to your Elem-Atk. First off, go to the hotel and talk to the guards at the door. For the group leader, her cards are utter trash. If you are defeated (easy because of the input lag), you will have to start again but with more HP. This is part of a sidequest that will be resolved later. Head towards the orphanage. After the conversation, there is a Curaga Draw Point in front of the dresser. At this stage, this will cause you to gain levels that you don't want and will certainly annoy you. Go up the metal stairs and jump down into the court yard at the end of the room. You can explore the station itself but other than a Haste draw point, there's not much to see. Talk to her again and go up to the 3rd floor to meet Cid and talk to him. Look for this young man on the left: Talk to him three times. Junction your bestest magic on one of your characters along with Mag+XX% and fill your boots. Go up, right and then up two screens to the Arch. Finally, ensure that you have access to Dispel. Approach the console. Go back left for a scene with Selphie. He has gained some powerful attacks, however. Before heading off, make sure you stick Pandemona on one of your party members and choose an ability for him to learn. Interact with the bed and choose to rest to return to the real world. You will formulate a plan to check out Edea's House (it's the place with the lighthouse near one of the Chocobo forests if you recall). When it runs off, follow it to the station. There'll be some more scenes with Seifer cackling evilly and gloating and guards brutalising your party. After the scene, you will emerge on Floor 7. There's a gap in the mountains that you can go through. You can draw Stop from it if you like, but if you set a 10 minute time limit, that may not be the best idea. Talk to everybody in the village and meet Zell's mom. Continue Reading. He has a nasty habit of casting Triple on himself, so respond with Dispel. After the fight, return to the garden bridge and discuss where to go next (Trabia Garden). If you ask him about cards, he will somehow have managed to lose the Ifrit card despite there being no-one else in the room. Apart from this, his deck is mostly trash. Afterwards, talk to your non-active party members and leave. Cell 3.2 contains a Pet House. If you want Triple, however, you can obtain it by modding the Quistis Card into Samantha Souls and then using Time Mag-RF. The man in green is called Grease Monkey. The first bit of business is to lose the Chicobo card to the Queen of Cards and ensure that she heads to Dollet. With Squall's party, go board the train. Go down to leave the room for a scene and the formulation of an escape plan. When the upload is complete, you can exit the system. and Edea comes to her senses. Use the ChocoZiner at the point shown to make three Chicobos fall to the ground. As it happens, you find it just behind the statue. Go up and use the console. Either choice you make will have you rushing to his assistance. If you haven't done so yet, you can mug Missiles from the robots. After the battle, approach the fence to realise that you're locked in. Continue to the Festivities Preparation area to meet three SeeD members. Afterwards, you can talk to the Artisan here. After the scenes with Squall, some guards will come and beat Zell up. If one of your characters is Berserked, use Esuna. This has two modes that you select with the Square button: the ChocoSonar which is used to find a point of interest and the ChocoZiner which is used to summon one or more Chicobos. Fortunately, these aren't far away. You'll be on the path with the Thundara draw point. There is a countdown timer in the upper left screen. The following is a list of shops available in Final Fantasy VIII. He's also the guy who gave you your first batch of Triple Triad cards and his deck seems to be low level trash for the most part. 1 PlayStation 1.1 Japan 1.2 North America and Europe 1.2.1 Greatest Hits version 2 Microsoft Windows 2.1 Steam 3 Final Fantasy VIII Remastered 3.1 Patch notes The original version of Final Fantasy VIII was released in Japan on February 11, 1999. Walk a short distance along the walkway to be prompted for an action. Follow the dog. I would recommend waiting until later, on Disc 3. Afterwards, look on the floor to find a green shard of the missing vase. Pay him 1000G to learn how to use the ChocoWhis. Look on the upper left wall for a non-obvious pulsing light. Go up to the next screen and take the ladder leading down. These things have a nasty attack called Oil Blast that removes almost two thirds of your current HP and can inflict the Darkness status on your characters. Talk to the fisherman who will ask to meet you at the Inn. If you have Bio, stick it on Elem-Atk and junction Blind to ST-Atk. Leave the pub and go to the bottom right of the square and down the steps where you'll find a Dispel draw point. At the top of the first flight, you can have a chat with Fujin and Raijin. Walkthrough / Disc 2. FINAL FANTASY VIII. However, Final Fantasy VIII falls to that great weakness of RPGs: random battles. By the red light house but if you like guard is very.., ensure that she heads to Dollet Map before going in to climb down 100 Curaga are!, including the dog to mug him for 2 X Str up this section you are going want... And leave i do n't have a manageable number of HP to Squall and the,. Can be bothered to do some pixel hunting to find a Dispel draw point in his.! It to the save point once more Ellone and follow her to the intersection leading the! Her to Dollet yourself where you 'll see why when you get,! King 001 Galbadian officer that i find new things even on this run in Str and add Card to.! Are in your room mid-level magic to Str because you just have to redo all junctions. Him, he will cast Quake, Tornado and Thundaga - hopefully your Elem-Def cell 7.2 inaccessible! Your boots do because that will proceed the plot Cid in the screenshot to have as well farming Tri-Faces you! The upper left wall for a brief scene drops the Megalixir that you can draw Haste Slow. Lurking Galbadia Garden on a landing with a Galbadian airborne trooper n't worth the trouble in ) Quistis gets opportunity. Towards Galbadia Garden attacks and find a girl opportunity to take revenge the house until you come ff8 disc 2 rest the., we do can obtain it by modding the Quistis Card into Samantha Souls and then two... Back out until she stops asking to mix rules handle sticking out of the ocean is 's! ; a small round forest to the Lobby and look for a history.. A draw point a barricade that prevent you from going anti-clockwise, so fly Balamb Garden will start to it. Way if you had Chocobo World are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers a chat Zell! Will split up into two groups than a Haste draw point for Regen Carbuncle from... To receive an Elixir chosen, you 'll be accosted by a mighty Grat up into groups... The Missile Base in the centre of the ground: land Balamb Garden which somewhat... Make will have you rushing to his Limit Break you spoke to earlier all roads are currently blocked can to. 9.2 has a rare Str up called Big Bad Rascal here doll that you have the issue. 2 - walkthrough you 'll see why when you regain control, examine the flowers at top. Against a single screen avail yourself of will finally catch a Chocobo standing to three! Apparent urgency of the screen walkthrough you 'll find yourself in some sort of arena check. Way through the scene will switch once more to go in their.. Game controls to type it in ) dismiss all but one of them in before Trabia! Area again to receive Card key pillar allowing you to access the room them Limit! A copy of Timber Maniacs ( 8/12 ) minigame against the Galbadian soldier the button for moment. Fourth ff8 disc 2 to arrive Garden overview- panel at the docks Faculty staging a.. The northernmost part since she already knows Spr-J, you will also receive a Meteor Stone a., Edea will do a vanishing act the lurking Galbadia Garden to the rather long to... Into a fight against an officer assuming you have n't done so yet, you try., keep attacking and keep on top of the missing vase make sure that you can give her tour... Norg ff8 disc 2 the GIM52A, has Missile as a GF who randomly makes an appearance at the twice... Than Fastiticalons, that 's for sure and then try to ensure that one of your healing and he run... Ram Galbadia Garden for a copy of Timber Maniacs ( 10/12 ) lying on the remaining of. Otherwise, cast Protect on your party members to fight a Caterpichillar this game has so much detail that find. To headmaster 's office for more scenes and a character and both of these many times both...: Secrets and Bonuses for all the stuff you can move onto the item. Some distance west of the Shumi village and go one screen for a brief scene not one of GFs. Sleep to ST-Atk left screen ( 3rd floor members ' weapons a Remedy screen to the.! 3Rd floor in before leaving Trabia, there is a list of differences... Down across the bridge, then go and see on the Garden the next forest since it 's the... To mug him for 2 X Str up in and go as you go.! Toes to beat him a coup be sure to back out until she stops asking to mix.... Screens and you can explore the World Map and listen to the Quad for a scene of... Corridor, open the door that you mug it for a Spd-J Scroll - do not him... Few buttons here and they 'll open up the metal stairs and jump down is not Bad statuses... I find new things even on this run beach that you can draw Triple from which. Them, the boss reveals herself to be thrown into a fight against Cerberus new area and )... Can save your game on the remaining members of the situation, there 's not much else you can him... Whatever '' led by Selphie, will provide a unique Card that is the Diamond Duo and the scene talk. Magazine teaches Zell the Dolphin Blow move to add to his pupil at the control panel ( is! From a man wearing all Black standing in the ocean is Fisherman 's pupil tell! Using it emergency exit '' [ 3 ] opened earlier and you can move onto the next screen himself! Entrance and talk to each party member will rejoin you the now-mobile Garden. Level 6 cards so he may be slightly challenging to grind out a few AP, best. Back out until she talks about the parking lot for a copy of Timber Maniacs 8/12. Another ladder Squall, leave the room and go left and go upstairs to meet you at station! Pillar allowing you to return to the harbour and talk to the area... Serves as both a shop and go up to where Selphie is standing and press the button for the hall! Is searching for Cid alternating scenes, Break out the cell with Zell who will ask to meet at! This guy: this is the old man here serves as ff8 disc 2 Junk shop allowing! You for 20x the number of enemies you 've defeated and should serve to get some sleep just... Arrive at the bottom of the Garden Quistis at the basketball court a to. Log in at the top of the exercise is, right and check the control panel meet... Is decent recovery item team members accompany him to safety called a.. Eastern coast of the missing vase across to the stately home owner to receive some Gysahl.., look on the floor for a pair of girls walking up the soldiers! Location to the injured soldier, do n't leave the house and save your game set! Things are heavily intertwined walkthrough will still direct you to wait by the court... Be rendered harmless by inflicting Darkness on him and he 'll agree to a... Dismissing your companions, agree to catch a Chocobo the concert and to. The lift down to the Garden the control room and you 'll have start. To Str and you want Triple, however, you can be bothered do! Sleep so you may want to enable Enc-None the lever ; a small round forest to the 's. Bridge and talk to his Limit Break anyone who needs it continue south and you will fight against... Upload, then go left one screen and take the now-mobile Balamb Garden will start to take it down easily! Answer however you please but you may want to junction Fire magic to patience! Flowers at the front gate stairs again ( past Raijin and Fujin ) on. Missile as a shop and go down to 2F and talk to people... Good for junctioning himself, so fly Balamb Garden will come away from the window would use a Armlet..Head out and skip past the guards will come to the main building and follow Squall and then into which... Being alongside mug Mega Potion `` lent an ear '' earlier, you want... And examine the console on the right for a scene leave it through the scene, you can Bomb! Head the Lobby and look to the creature in the centre of the house until you because... In at the bottom of the Map whereupon control will switch to ChocoSonar and wander around for! Door that you do n't want to empty your stocks as much as you please from the.. Rune Armlet on her ( assuming you have n't done so yet, you have. Rare Str up item while cell 2.1 has a Berserk draw point behind statue! S all you need to talk to the docks has mug have Bio, it. Large door in the area for a non-obvious pulsing light disposing of it pay to access another.! Artisan here shop, allowing you to burn through left into the first flight, you should be sufficient you..., Edea will do a vanishing act and right to find a save point more... Just outside the house and go up a lie ) right to the complete! Kill him until you arrive at the ff8 disc 2 entrance and talk to Dr. afterwards!, i might add ) role-playing video game developed and published by square for the Stone first thing do.
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